The NCAA isn’t actually making money over college football, they aren’t even breaking even.

Ok, so I found a rundown of the NCAA’s earnings and expenses. Jim Brown today basically lambasted the NCAA for making money off of football players. According to the breakdown the NCAA makes $912.8 Million, but 84% of that comes from March Madness. (yup, just that event). Almost everything else operates at a deficit. How much does the NCAA earn off of our beloved division 1 Football? -41 million.

Let me say that again. NEGATIVE $41,000,000

Apparently div-1 football just about breaks even throughout the year, and post season costs are just over 43M. That is without adding in the huge cost of the lower divisions (almost 65 million a year). Basketball costs more than any other sport to run (about 190 million per year). And they put SO much money back into the players hands (on top of the above costs, which when you think about it are already spent on the players to runt heir actual sports). Grants in Aid, student assistance, educational funds go directly into needs students. While the sports sponsership and programming funds help support minor sports that wouldn’t otherwise exist, and small programs actually get seen.

So overall, they make a very small amount of money (less than a 10% of their earnings), considering they have a disproportionate amount of lawyers, over 500 official employees and a huge amount of “satellite” employees not listed in the total, as in part time, outside hires, etc.

Overall they have a 61 million dollar surplus. So really, thats what the “ncaa” really makes from college sports, except that amount gets reinvested in future projects and unexpected costs (the unexpected costs often end up being more than the surplus, in 2011 the NCAA earned -8 million, it just depends on the year).

So, we know the NCAA isn’t getting rich off of football. FSU surely isn’t getting rich off of football. Only other place I could see the $$ going to would be the conferences and media coverage (espn etc.).

Here is one of the yearly breakdowns of the NCAA cost/earnings:

After reading that, and hearing Emmert in a live radio interview (rather than just hearing one sided inaccurate snippets), I actually feel alot more grateful towards them. The NCAA needs to be improved, certainly, but it seems to be taking a bad rap because the people actually making money from it want to make more money, and without having to play by any rules (cough cough SEC, Big 10).